'Tis The Season - Part 3

Kim Domingo
December 11, 2017 \ local life


With 15 days to go before Christmas, we continue to countdown with fun activities we could do with our friends and family!


Here are 5 more days of activities from our Advent Activity Calendar!


December 11th – Ice Skating

With the Winter Olympics just around the corner, bring out your inner olympian by getting on the ice! Triple-deke or triple-axel, the ice skating rink is always an enjoyable place to glide around with your friends and family. Find out when your local ice area has open public skating, grab some hot chocolate and elbow pads and glide Glow_Logo_CMYK_Stem_08.17.2017_Dark-Blue-Glow-Black-Descriptor-Black-Snow.jpgto your heart’s content.


December 12th – Christmas Lights Tour

Check your local paper for neighbourhoods with impressive Christmas Light displays.  You may even find some that allow you to wander around the grounds. One fun place you can go to is Glow Christmas Lights and Market in Langley; a Christmas themed indoor light garden that the whole family will surely enjoy!


December 13 – Connect with a Friend

Think of that person who you haven’t spoken with in a while but with whom the conversation resumes right where it last left off.  Give them a call and take them for a coffee; anything with eggnog is highly recommended.


December 14th – Act of Generosity

Research a charity that you would like to support or visit your local food bank or toy bureau and make a contribution to those less fortunate.  If you know of a friend or family member who has come upon hard times, consider finding a way to slip them some cash or grocery gift cards anonymously.


December 15th – Games Night

Have a group of friends over to play board or video games.  If you want to take a more festive approach, arrange a token gift exchange game.


Check back next time for our fourth installment of ‘Tis The Season – Advent Activity Calendar


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