3.64 Acre Multi-Family Development Site

6705 & 6731 Willowbrook Connector
MLS Exclusive
Type Land Assembly
Land Size 3.64 Acres
Plan NE Gordon
Designation Townhouse 16-22 UPA

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Excellent site right on a transit route and within short walking distance to major shopping, library, and Walmart. 2 titles with rented homes located at 6705 and 6731 Willowbrook Connector. No water courses or wetlands on this site and potential mountain views to the south east. Density within the North East Gordon Plan is stated to be 16 – 22 UPA. The township has it on record that the density is to be calculated on the original parcel sizes prior to the road dedication for widening of the Willowbrook Connector which was approximately 3.83 acres. As an added bonus, there is a major sanitary sewer line right through the property and when originally installed the owner negotiated that no latecomers fees would be applicable upon development! With the all the necessary infrastructure available nearby including storm detention this should be an easier application to process in a quicker than average time frame.


The site has a few clusters of significant tree stands and preliminary discussions with the Township of Langley planning department indicates they would consider a higher density for the westerly portion of the site if these trees were retained, possibly even 45 UPA. Based on the current density designated with no bonus being considered from tree retention it appears one would get a minimum of 61 units and up to 84.


Due to the belief that most of the critical information required to complete a feasibility study is readily available the Seller will lean toward accepting offers with a short subject, possibly 2 weeks and will need a deposit of 10% of the purchase price direct at subject removal. Completion date must be prior to the end of this year.

Subject Properties

  • 6705 Willowbrook Connector
    • Size: 1.615 Acres
    • Plan: NE Gordon
    • Designation: Townhouse 16-22 UPA
  • 6371 Willowbrook Connector
    • Size: 2.022 Acres
    • Plan: NE Gordon
    • Designation: Townhouse 16-22 UPA

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