Aldergrove | Best Neighbourhoods in Langley BC

Donavon Ash
May 18, 2023 \ buying tips

Are you a young family considering making the move to Langley BC but don't know where to go? In this video, I go over everything you need to know about Aldergrove in Langley BC!

Aldergrove in Langley, BC is a great spot for young families. It's affordable and has a great community vibe. The neighborhood has older shops and stores that give it character. The houses are mainly from the 70s and 90s, which makes Aldergrove a more affordable option. There's a new community center with a pool, water slides, and ice arenas. And don't miss the Greater Vancouver Zoo and the only drive-in movie theater in the Fraser Valley! Aldergrove has lots of parks too, perfect for picnics and outdoor fun. When it comes to food, you've got options like White Spot, Fox and Hounds Pub, and sushi places. There are shopping areas with everything you need and schools for the kiddos. All in all, Aldergrove is a welcoming and family-friendly place to call home.





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