Is it your time to sell? When we ask this question, we genuinely mean it. Instead of profits, we’re driven by results. And results are always dictated by the wishes and wants of our client. We’re here to help you make the right decision at the right time.

Elevation Real Estate Team

Why Partner With Us

In today’s thriving real estate marketplace, selling property has the perception of being ‘easy’.

Truth is, it’s not.
(We just make it look easy.)

Often the obsession of selling your home at top price outweighs the reality of relativity for your next move. At Elevation, our heightened sense of marketplace along with our foresight make transitioning between homes look easy.

How We Can Help

We’re well-versed in all property types.

From detached homes to townhomes to condos, we’ve got oodles of experience in communities across the Fraser Valley.

More often than not, no two moves are ever the same. You might be scaling up from a condo to a home or downsizing from a home to a condo, our curiosity to get to know our buyers and sellers has scaled our expertise and moulded how we simplify the experience.

Integrity, sincerity, and professionalism mixed with excellent negotiation skills.
R Bentley, Successful Seller

Mark Dana
Personal Real Estate Corporation


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Mark Dana