Brookswood | Best Neighbourhoods in Langley BC

Donavon Ash
April 13, 2023 \ buying tips

Brookswood is a charming neighborhood located in Langley, BC, at the edge of the city near the lower mainland and Fraser Valley. It is widely known for its safety, with crime rates 12% lower than the rest of Langley, making it a perfect place for families and seniors to settle down. The area is surrounded by beautiful trees and has several parks, such as Noel Booth Park, Brookswood Pond and Trail, Penzer Bike Park, Bell Park, Dale Ball Passive Park, and Uplands Dog Park.

The neighborhood mainly consists of detached homes with large lots, mature trees, and shops on the property, making it an ideal location for car enthusiasts. Brookswood has a few amenities, including the George Preston Arena, Brookswood Library, an Equestrian club, and a Theatre playhouse. There are also various dining options, such as Artful Dogger Pub, Sushi options, The Lodge Steakhouse, and Ocean Park Pizza. Cedarbrook Mall is the hub of the community, offering shopping at Buy-Low Foods.

Regarding education, Brookswood has 7 public schools and 2 private schools, such as Brookswood Secondary, St. Catherine's Elementary, Noel Booth Elementary, Belmont Elementary, and Langley Fundamental Middle School. Brookswood is best suited for families with children, seniors, dog lovers, and car enthusiasts. The neighborhood has a few drawbacks, such as septic systems for most homes, older houses, a lack of sidewalks, tall trees causing debris and blocking sunlight, and moss and leaves in the gutters, but overall it's a great place to live!





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