March Market Dynamics: Unraveling Fraser Valley's Home Sales Growth and Rising Supply

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April 03, 2024 \ selling tips \ buying tips \ news \ local life

The Fraser Valley Real Estate Board has unveiled the latest data from March, shedding light on significant changes in the local housing scene. With more homes available for sale than in the past five years, potential buyers in the Fraser Valley have a wider array of options to explore as we enter the spring season. However, March saw sales falling short of expectations, suggesting a cautious approach among some buyers. In this article, we'll break down the recent trends in home sales, prices, and market conditions, providing insights for everyone interested in the Fraser Valley Real Estate Market.


MLS Sales:

In March, there were 1,395 home sales in the Fraser Valley, marking a 13% increase from February. While this sounds positive, it's actually 31% lower than the average for the past decade. Despite this, there's good news for buyers – more homes are hitting the market. New listings increased by 7%, reaching a total of 2,986 properties. However, this is still below the usual number we'd expect to see.



Overall Market:

The current market leans towards sellers, meaning they have the upper hand. The ratio of homes sold compared to those available for sale sits at 23%, indicating that it's still a seller's market. Homes are selling relatively quickly too – detached houses spend about 27 days on the market, apartments 26 days, and townhomes just 20 days.



Benchmark Price Activity:

The prices of different types of homes also saw a slight increase. For example, the benchmark price for a detached house reached $1,517,100, while townhomes reached $846,900, and apartments $555,000. These prices are up compared to last year, showing that demand remains strong in the Fraser Valley.




As the market continues to evolve, it's crucial for both buyers and sellers to keep up with these changes. Seeking advice from local experts can help navigate the market effectively and make informed decisions. Whether you're looking to buy or sell, understanding the current trends is essential for achieving your real estate goals.

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