NOW is the BEST time in HISTORY to buy a house!

Donavon Ash
March 23, 2023 \ buying tips

Now is the best time in history to buy a house! That's a bold claim to make so let me explain myself further.

I believe that now is the best time to buy real estate in history simply because you can not go back in time to take advantage of past opportunities. If you could travel back 40 years and buy several homes in Langley for a mere $60,000 each of course you would, but you can't, so you are stuck with what you can do today. Imagine you are playing a game of monopoly, you go around and around the board but you don't buy any properties. Instead, you continue to pay rent to every other player which keeps increasing as they build homes and hotels on their sets. All the while no one is paying you rent and you slowly go broke until you run out of money and lose the game.

This is exactly what I want you to avoid in real life, and the only way to avoid this is to get in the game and buy real estate! Real estate is like a ladder, you have to start on the bottom step in order to get to the top. if you start by buying a small studio apartment or investing in a property with a sibling or parents you are now in the market! Congratulations! You have started your journey to the top! Over time you will pay down your mortgage and build equity, if you hold the property for 5-10 years you will experience some positive appreciation in value, if you live in the home you will have avoided paying rent and you will be able to sell that asset without incurring capital gains tax! Next thing you know you can sell that studio condo and move into a townhome! fast forward another 5 years and you can sell that townhome and move into a single-family home. All the while you have been saving money on rent, paying down your mortgage, building equity, and rolling the profits into your next home tax-free. Real estate is the ultimate get-rich-slow plan and it's bulletproof. If you have been thinking of buying a home, don't wait to buy real estate. buy real estate and wait...





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