Real (Estate) Talk - Vacant Homes

Tyler Schacter
May 28, 2019 \ selling tips




A recent study by a brokerage in the US has confirmed that vacant properties sell for less than occupied homes. The reported sales in 2018 were analyzed to compare the amount of time homes took to sell and the eventual sales price. Vacant homes took 6 days longer to sell and sold for at least 0.9% less. In some areas, the discount for a vacant home was as much as 7.2% less on average compared to occupied properties.


While vacant properties are easier to coordinate access for viewings, many home buyers are unable to visualize the functionality of a home without furniture in the rooms. Additionally, buyers and their agents may read into the seller’s increased motivation level if the sellers have already moved on from the property. A vacant home does not create a sense of warmth or any urgency in encouraging a buyer to write an offer.


We believe that professional staging can help home sellers achieve top dollar for their property, especially if the home has been vacated. Every listing client that works with Elevation Real Estate receives the benefit of a professional staging consultation.


Feel free to contact us if you would like to chat about additional strategies and services that we employ to help you sell your property smoothly and and at the highest possible price.