Top 4 Rural Neighbourhoods in Langley BC

Donavon Ash
February 23, 2023 \ buying tips


There are four main rural communities in Langley - Campbell Valley, Otter District, Salmon River, and Country Line Glen Valley. Each of these communities has its own unique qualities, commute times, and prices.



Campbell Valley  is on the outskirts of the main neighborhoods in the Fraser Valley and has an average commute time of 60-75 minutes to Vancouver. The average price of a detached home in this community is $4,742,000 with an average home size of 4,373 square feet and a lot size of 0.32 acres. The homes in Campbell Valley were mostly built in the 1970s and 1980s and have well water and septic systems. The neighborhood is great for financially well-off families, farmers, and young families.


Fort Langley is within Langley and the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley and is immediately east of Walnut Grove. The average commute time is 51 minutes to Vancouver and it has a small-town charm with a lot of outdoor activities and local shops. The majority of homes in Fort Langley are detached on 8000-12,000 square feet lots with some larger lots sprinkled in. The neighborhood is popular with young families, condos and townhouses with young couples and retirees, and single-family homes with families and retirees.


 Otter District, has a quiet and private atmosphere, with not much traffic. The neighborhood highlights include Otter Co-op and Angry Otter liquor store, JD farms, Boneties Meats, Hilltop Diner, Krause Berry farms, and the highest concentration of wineries in BC outside the Okanagan. The rental market in Otter District is not extensive, but there are options for coach homes, basement suites, and full houses.


Country Line Glen Valley is similar to Otter District, with a quiet and private atmosphere. The neighborhood highlights include parks such as Campbell Valley Park and Thunderbird Show Park and a horse-friendly environment. There are also several schools in the area, including Vanguard Secondary School, Glenwood Elementary, and DW Poppy Secondary.


In conclusion, each of these four communities in Langley offers a unique set of qualities and experiences for families and young couples to choose from. Whether you're looking for a small-town charm, a quiet and private atmosphere, or a horse-friendly environment, Langley has something for everyone.


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