VIDEO: Should you wait until Spring??

Donavon Ash & Tyler Schacter
December 12, 2023 \ selling tips \ buying tips \ news

Join Tyler and Donavon in this video as they decode the real estate dilemma: to buy or wait for spring? This dynamic duo will not only unpack what's currently happening in the Fraser Valley's real estate market but also shed light on significant changes looming statewide in British Columbia.

Get ready for a deep dive into October's market statistics for the Fraser Valley, coupled with on-the-ground anecdotes from Tyler and Donavon's experiences. They'll share valuable insights into the big changes on the horizon, giving you the inside scoop on what might impact your real estate decisions.

Whether you're considering a move now or contemplating holding off until spring, this conversation is your ticket to informed decision-making. Don't miss out on the real talk about real estate – join Tyler and Donavon as they share their expertise and anecdotes, offering a comprehensive view of the current landscape.